GEL Transport | Courier Web Design

WEB Design for GEL Transport

The Brief

To design and re brand with a premium feel. The old GEL Transport website was slightly bland we think the new design suits the “premium website look”. Not only did we need to make this website look and feel great but we needed to turn the 2K visitors a month into conversations and more importantly sales. We also had been tasked with increasing social media engagement to push the new brand directly in the market, We installed and manage all social media activity for GEL Transport for under £300 a month this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Check out GEL TRANSPORT and the Demo Video below.

Here’s The Result… Check Out The Video

GEL Transport are and Colchester based courier and light haulage company running a 24 hour courier service from two local offices.

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We truly care about our users and our product.

The Fresh New Thirteen 88 Website

Thirteen 88 new website

The Brief

Its mid way through the year we have taken in a number of new clients and decided on a freshen up of the Thirteen 88 website. We needed a fresh, easy to navigate, to “the point” website that can also display our latest designs and digital marketing activities with in a few clicks. We have spent months designing and developing automation plugins for WordPress we have build our new website using many of these functions.

Here’s The Result…

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We truly care about our users and our product.

Thirteen 88 | Summer Freshen up

Thirteen 88 Web Design a little different

The launch of our new site, Clean, Simple ohh and you’re here so our marketing cant be too bad either….

As Web Designers and Digital marketers we need to show off what we can do whilst being functional and able to be found online. After a few basic changes and a custom WordPress theme (Layout) we are back with a bang. We know our visitors find us by a few search terms such as “web design” “website Designers” “freelance Web Designer” this is all good an well but we are more than just web designers, We also work with clients looking to improve there search engine rankings and general SEO this is where Digital Marketing comes into play. In terms of design and marketing its a hard balance to get just right. We think we have hit the nail on the head with a clean functional design that is extremely fast due to our SSD Cloud servers and googles CDN (content delivery network). Page speed as of googles latest update is now a key ranking factor we have recognised and addressed this as we have with our current clients. Not mentioning any sites in particular we have seen a website shoot up in the rankings just from moving to our cloud based network with no other work involved, this proves google is looking at web site delivery speed to the end user id becoming big influence on websites. Are your competitors loading faster than you ?

We’re still the same

Although we have a fresh new design we are still the same THIRTEEN 88 the two people you may recognise are Gary and Alexandra if you are one of our previous clients you would have spoken to either Gary or Alexandra. We Still have a Base in Colchester (Essex) and in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) but just like before we have clients globally.