Web Design Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

What you can expect from our web design services ?

Our web design services in Bury St Edmunds, as WordPress web designers based in Bury St Edmunds you can expect a stunning bespoke design with super fast loading times and best of all complete control to match. First of if you like what you see you should have a chat with us, We can then gauge what you need your website to do. Once we know what you need we can then work with you to mock up a design. With your approval we can then start the build and get your brand new shiny website online.

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Web Design in Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds WordPress Web Designer ?

Thirteen 88 are web designers we design and develop bespoke websites for a whole range of clients from online business’s to local vegan shops. So if your in need of a website even just a freshen up of your current wordpress install we are here to help. We are based in Bury St Edmunds and are able to visit our clients locally.

Social Media Management For Gel Transport

More Likes & Shares ?

Are you looking for ways to improve you social media exposure, We can turn just one blog post into hundreds of social media posts with just one click. One WordPress post can be converted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit just to name a few. We can as proven gain you unique followers and likes from genuine people that have an interest in your product or service.

Thirteen 88 Social Media Marketing

Targeted Social Media Marketing ?

Planning is key with social media marketing, you need to know what your clients are looking for and how you can reel them in to make initial contact once they are on your website. We work with many website owners and business’s alike and its always the same three questions that are asked. How, How long, how many ? most owner cannot reply with how visitors get to there website or how long they are on there website and how many people visit there website. Before thinking about social media marketing you really need to know this even if it just a rough idea. If you do not know we can help with a few free tools we can work together to get the interest you need.

Why you should post regularly | facts

Regular Blog Posts

Why should you post regularly ?

For starters you should post at least once every two weeks as a bare minimum, You need to keep your website upto date and fresh not only for google but for your website visitors. If your last post is dated over a year ago it does not look good, apart from not looking good to potential customers google and other search engines like to see frequency in blog posts as well as social signals.

Posting on Social Media

Social media signals are another key player in getting your blog post noticed, Share and share a like. Posting your content across a number of social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram is likely to not only get visitors to your website but to improve your likes, followers and tweets across your social networks.

Lets Automate this

Most website owners that are business’s do not often have the time or see how important this is especially for brand awareness. Its okay we have your back, We have a solution just one click one post everywhere. With a low monthly cost we have the ability to sky rocket your social media interest with just 1 blog post going to all of your current social media networks. We will even create you a network of social media pages specific to your business the attract even more traffic.

In Short

Its as easy as that from as little as ¬£95 PM your will literally dominate your competition online and have a huge amount of online presents. Once you have these visitors coming to your website we will work with you to see how we can then convert more sales or leads. Sounds good ? lets talk….    

WordPress Web Design


WordPress Web Designer

Regardless if your looking for a website to promote a Brand of make a website to generate leads or sales via an eCommerce platform. All of this and more can be streamlined on the WordPress platform giving you complete control over content if you need a little help or management for your web site were here and on hand to help. We are fully competent in WordPress website design and development, we can create and design the specification you require. Its not all about looks, functionality should be used to every owners website making the most of your users. This is where our Digital Marketing comes into play.


How to Make the most out of your WordPress website

The framework of choice for us and our clients mainly because WordPress is so versatile with a web designer or web developers help you can make anything possible. WordPress is very very simple to user we will provide you training and can even maintain for a small monthly cost. WordPress is fantastic for marketing with simple lightweight plugins that we can setup and install on your behalf. Regardless if your looking to promote services or sell directly online, WordPress should be your first point of call from beginners to web design agency’s its work !!!!      

Our New website | Soft Launch

Welcome to the new Thirteen 88 Website,

We have a freshen up and a re-brand…

Our site has been offline for a few weeks due to some BIG updates we have made, The first and biggest update is where and how our site live on the internet. All of our websites have an online home called a server, we have upgraded our servers to be 100% cloud based servers. What does this mean ? in short this means if you host your website with thirteen 88 you can expect lighting fast loading times and a lightning fast user experience for your visitors. Another huge factor is security our cloud servers are Google Cloud based with the protection of firewalls and load balancer that provides an army of security for any website, basically you’ll be hard pushed to be hacked.

The pretty bit

We have changed our look, The Thirteen 88 logo has be re designed and we now have a fresh and extremely fast web site to show off our web design, digital marketing and technical skills. Your probably here right now because of our online marketing, are we right ? As well as a clean new look, we will have a lot more video content coming to engage our users and show exactly how we do things and how our clients are benefiting. As you may already know we only design and develop with WordPress as this is our content management system of choice. We use WordPress for a number of key reasons the first one being we have used it for over 10 years so we know our way around it, Secondly its extremely easy for our clients to update and manage and finally in terms of marketing and search engine optimisation we somewhat specialist in marketing WordPress websites.


With Web Design being a mixed bag of who to “pick” we have a number of way make choosing us very simple. We can now offer flexible payment terms so instead of paying a huge lump sum for your web design or marketing activity’s you can now pay in interest¬† free instalments by Direct Debit if you prefer we have help many startup business’s this way in the past however we have now made this an option for all of our clients across web site design and marketing.

Just need some help ?

We know many people get stuck with WordPress and content management in general so if you need help with setting up a plugin, web site security just about anything then you can hire us Per Day even Per Hour. Lets say you currently own a website and you need to integrate online payments and a booking system even though your website is has not been designed or is not hosted with us we can still help as long as your using WordPress we will be more than happy to get you up and running.  

We’ve moved, We are still based in East Anglia

We now have 3 locations across Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk, you may or may not know Thirteen 88 is made up of a team of freelance web designers, Marketers and coders this gives us the edge against others as we work together under one name but specialising in very different areas. Bring this together and our clients see results at a much cheaper cost of a web design agency in the traditional sense.