On Page SEO

What is on page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The basics of on page SEO are Keywords, Page Speed, and the page content. These are the three key elements. Googling On Page SEO will give you a mass of results giving you lots of different methods and techniques of the best way to optimise and implement on page SEO. On Page SEO should “built in” a good web designer will ensure each page is optimised in terms of code and page speed before content is added once the content of the website is added you will need to make clear titles using heading TAGS, This is so google can build a web page structure of importance ie the main heading then sub headings.On Page SEO is the first point of call when hiring an SEO expert or SEO agency to market your website. On page SEO is time consuming but following simple rules its very straight forward. Every search engine want to see what content you have and how relevant it is the keywords enter into the search engine if you also give the search engine a way of ordering your content this is even better. These are in simple terms what each web page on your web site should look like.If you looking for advise or to hire us for your On Page SEO simply get in touch we can analyse your web site and give you a better idea of what to expect and what we are able to do for your web site. We have 11 Years experience in SEO so we know a thing or two.