Why you should post regularly | facts

Regular Blog Posts

Why should you post regularly ?

For starters you should post at least once every two weeks as a bare minimum, You need to keep your website upto date and fresh not only for google but for your website visitors. If your last post is dated over a year ago it does not look good, apart from not looking good to potential customers google and other search engines like to see frequency in blog posts as well as social signals.

Posting on Social Media

Social media signals are another key player in getting your blog post noticed, Share and share a like. Posting your content across a number of social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram is likely to not only get visitors to your website but to improve your likes, followers and tweets across your social networks.

Lets Automate this

Most website owners that are business’s do not often have the time or see how important this is especially for brand awareness. Its okay we have your back, We have a solution just one click one post everywhere. With a low monthly cost we have the ability to sky rocket your social media interest with just 1 blog post going to all of your current social media networks. We will even create you a network of social media pages specific to your business the attract even more traffic.

In Short

Its as easy as that from as little as £95 PM your will literally dominate your competition online and have a huge amount of online presents. Once you have these visitors coming to your website we will work with you to see how we can then convert more sales or leads. Sounds good ? lets talk….